Programs & Services

Spay & Neuter Programs
Vaccine Clinics
Community Cat  Program
Low Cost/Low Income Spay/Neuter Vouchers
FMAS offers a low cost spay and neuter programs for madera County residents with a low income. There are several vets in the area that accept the vouchers. FMAS also offers transport up to 4 days a week for spay/neuter. See below for qualifications (only one item from the list below is needed along with proof of Madera County residency). Please call for more information or submit an online applicaiton.
Must upload proof of residency along with one of the folowing,
  • SSI
  • Food Stamps (EBT)
  • Utility Assistance Program (Pg & E Care)
  • WIC
  • Medical
Dogs $20.00
Cats $15.00
Low Cost Vaccine Clinic
FMAS offers a low cost vaacine clinic every month.
There are no requirements see below for details.

  • Location: Madera County Fair Grounds 
  • First Saturday of Every Month
  • 10am-12pm
  • DHLPP, Rabies, FVRCP and worming
  • County Licensing Available
  • Must provide proof of 1 year rabies for a 3 year vaccine.
Dog Vaccine Schedule
and Record

Cat Vaccine Schedule
and Record

Community Cat Program
FMAS offers a community cat program. TNR is the way of the future for animal shelters.
This program is available to madera County Residents.
See below for details. Please see our resource page for TNR benefits.
  • FMAS has traps available for use with a deposit.
  • Community cats are trapped, altered , ear tipped and then released back into the place they were trapped.
  • This program is free for Madera County residents
  • Proof of County residency required
  • Not valid for personal pets.

Community Cat Vouchers
​for Madera City Residents

FMAS received a generous grant from Petsmart Charities to spay/neuter 500 cats within Madera City Limits. If you live in the city and wish to get ferals or strays in your neighborhood altered please come in or call 559-363-5106 for more details. There are no income requirments for this program and every cat will reciev an ear tip. This program is for a limited time until funds run out.

Pit Fix!

For all Madera County and City Residents

Thanks to a generous grant from Petsmart Charities we are able to fix all pit and majority pit mixes for free. No income requirements for program or geographical limitations apply for this program. Only requirements are to live in Madera. This is a limited time program and will be discontinued when funds run out.